About Us

We are a small but mighty team of evaluation and applied research experts who thoughtfully lead evaluations so that organizations can do their best work. We engage effectively and dynamically with our clients at the center of every evaluation. We give organizations the tools and training to be leaders in their own evaluations. 

LEAP Consulting currently has staff working on the traditional lands of the Wappinger, Paugusett, Sinixt, Mvskoke (Muscogee), Tamien, Ramaytush Ohlone, and Muwekma Ohlone Indigenous peoples as well as in Wah (Islamabad), Pakistan, which has a rich history and present of diverse Indigenous peoples. [What’s this?]


CEO/Co-Founder (he/him)

Daniel Cicala is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southern Connecticut State University, specializing in statistics and data science. He's contributed to NSF-funded projects in the field of applied category theory through his work on the Steering Committee of the Adjoint School. Daniel has also provided consulting for tech startups in cryptocurrency, functional programming, and online educational spaces. His research centers on applying category theory to network science. Daniel earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California and resides in New Haven, CT, with a passion for film, live music, and cooking.


Co-Founder & Senior Consultant (she/they)

Elizabeth McGee has 17 years of experience in community-focused research and evaluation across diverse sectors, including environmental sustainability, education, health, mental health, and social justice. She's a leader in participatory methodologies, helping organizations build evaluation and learning infrastructure for maximum impact. Elizabeth prioritizes culturally reflexive, equity-centered, and community-driven approaches, emphasizing decolonized and transformative evaluation. She has a strong background in not-for-profits and consultancy. Elizabeth's portfolio includes projects funded by the CDC, HRSA, NSF, and more, with collaborations at research institutes, including Yale and Columbia. Originally from Canada, she now resides in Connecticut, where she enjoys old films, photography, and music.


Junior Evaluation Associate (they/them)

Arielle holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of New Haven. Their career in human services and data analytics is driven by the belief that data empowers communities to drive change. Arielle's evaluation work includes projects funded by the NSF and CDC, showcasing their expertise in applied research, database development, data collection tools, and comprehensive data analysis. They excel in both qualitative and quantitative analysis and report writing. A Filipino-American residing in Connecticut, Arielle enjoys traveling, music, and sewing.

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